Basic Guidelines and Procedures for FLP and FSEP

For the Faculty Leverage Program - aka buyout (FLP)


The Faculty FTE Leverage Program (FLP) is a program enabling faculty members to expand the time available for research and other scholarly duties. Participation cannot be guaranteed for all who may be interested; each proposal must be supported by the Department Chair and endorsed by the Dean of the School of Engineering, who forwards the request to the Senior Vice Chancellor-Academic Affairs for final approval. Participants agree to release a portion of their salary in exchange for a decreased teaching load on a year-to-year basis. When an appropriate alternate teaching plan has been identified and approved by the Chair, a faculty member may propose to be relieved of teaching duties up to two courses in one year. See policy.

General Guidelines

  • Faculty must teach at least one UG course
  • No more than two courses can be bought out in a year
  • No more than one course may be bought out in any quarter
  • Faculty must support 1/6 of their annual salary on grant/gift funds (50% of the quarter = 1/6th of annual)
  • Should be requested and approved 30 days prior to the start of the quarter

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For the Salary Exchange Program (FSEP)


FSEP allows faculty to achieve salary savings by redirecting salary from FTE funds to grant funds. This is different from FLP because it does not involve relieving the faculty member from his or her normal teaching assignment and generally involves charging a much lower amount to the grants.

General Guidelines

  • When faculty are directing effort to a research project and it is allowable and appropriate on the project they can charge salary directly to that project
  • Typically the percent charged will be <25%
  • The department/PI needs to be mindful of the other actives of the faculty and not overcharge grants
  • If the faculty member wants to charge more than 1/6 it should be handled as a Leverage

The release salary from these is distributed per the 2010 update.

Note: Neither FLP nor FSEP may be requested during a sabbatical. The end result of being partially on sabbatical and partially on research funds can be achieved by taking a partial sabbatical and with the remaining time supplemented with research support. Depending on what the research supplement is, the sabbatical would not necessarily have to be in-residence.

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